Mobile Sites vs. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps currently have better usability than mobile sites, but forthcoming changes will eventually make a mobile site the superior strategy.

The most important question in a company's mobile strategy is whether to do anything special for mobile in the first place. Some companies will never get substantial mobile use and should stick to making their desktop sites less insufferable on small screens.

But if your site happens to have decent appeal to mobile users, then the second strategy question is: Should you produce a mobile website or develop special mobile apps? The answer to this question today is quite different from what it will likely be in the future.
Current Mobile Strategy: Apps Best...

One to One (1:1) Marketing

The Next Big Thing for Marketing

It’s time to put the full power of technology behind a marketing concept that’s as old as commerce itself.

For eons, merchants have benefited from focusing on customer preferences. Even for early traders, it was clear that remembering details about your customers’ likes and dislikes enhances transactions and builds customer loyalty.

About fifteen years ago, marketers started using the term “one-to-one marketing” (or 1:1 marketing) to describe a CRM strategy that emphasized this kind of highly personalized interaction...