HTML5 Development


HTML has been the core building blocks for websites since the early 1990s when the Internet was just starting to become a part of people's everyday lives. Now, in 2013, websites have become more robust, demanding new technology that allows for better functionality and a better user experience.

HTML5 is the latest and most extensive revision and improves the standard HTML to better support multimedia animation, all while still being easily read by users, computers, Web browsers, and search engines. As a cross-platform developing platform, HTM5 allows for innovative and engaging Web and mobile applications, but in order to deliver a native experience to the users, you need experienced HTML5 developers who know not understands this new language, but is able to craft it to better showcase these animated apps.

Modus Via leverages its experience with JavaScript and CSS3 to create compelling applications with HTML5. Our Group is skilled in developing across multiple platforms, including dynamic web applications and animated mobile apps in iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

If you have any questions about our HTML5 animation development or any of our Web development and digital marketing services, contact us today.