User Research


A good website is only as strong as the planning that goes into it. But without a significant understanding of your target audience, your planning can't go very far.

Your end user is the most important aspect to your website, and our user research allows us to tap directly into what they want. Through user research, you'll be able to see exactly what your target audience expects from your website, both from those who are your current clients and those who could be clients.

Our user research could include a combination of stakeholder interviews, focus groups, interactive exercises, surveys, competitive anaylsis or existing research you already have. We work with you to determine the best research mix for your specific needs. From our user research, we can also provide targeted end user development so you can learn more about the people interacting with your website.

For larger websites, you'll likely have multiple demographic sets within your target audience, and our user research will make sure your design takes into consideration each of their individual goals and objectives. Our clients are always included in the process, providing feedback about the survey questions, focus group topics, etc. We recruit your current clients as well as non-clients for this research.

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